Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our New Home

As many of you know, Matthew and I have been blessed beyond measure this past week. Back in November, we stumbled across an older home located in the Augusta Circle Neighborhood of Greenville. This area has been one of our favorites since moving here 4yrs ago. This past Tuesday we finally closed on the property and are hoping to call it home late April or early May. Honestly, when first saw the house I thought, "no way!". Haha, I guess God had other plans. We prayed, sought advice and wisdom over the past few months and 100% feel this is so right for our family. God has so unbelievably blessed our lives over the past few months, and it is ONLY because of Him that this entire project is possible. We are so humbled and thankful!

We have been praying quite a bit about our future, where to practice, where to put down roots and raise our family, etc.  Honestly, up until this past fall I truly thought we would move back to TN or go somewhere completely different. I even prayed about international opportunities. However, God laid upon our hearts this place, starting our careers here and raising our family here. We love it so much! We love the city and have dear friends here who honestly, I don't think I could live away from :-)

As we continued to pray, that is when we stumbled across this house.  It is an older home but in great condition (esp when you consider it was build in 1950). It was actually built by a contractor and he, along with his family, are the only ones who have lived there! It has great bones and is on the most amazing street!

We are in love!! Now, with true love comes great labor :-) And that, along with some TLC, is what this house needs. I hope to keep you all updated as we continue through this process of renovating, updating and planning our future here. Meyers Dr, get ready....The Bessom's are moving in!!!

Here are a few pics of the house in its current condition. More to come as the transformation proceeds!!

Love to all and, as always, All is Grace!!

Front View (circular driveway)

Back Yard

Up Close, Front

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