Monday, February 6, 2012

Demo Continued.... Kitchen!

Round one of demolition pics!!! We started with the kitchen. Man, that was fun! :-) I LOVED tearing out some out-dated cabinets and appliances. So, the pics actually don't look that bad but let me just tell you....THEY WERE!!! And it felt so cramped and enclosed. 

So, in the second picture that wall you see....coming out! We are planning on opening everything up so that one big room encompasses both our family/den area and kitchen, with an island separating them.  You can see in the demolition pics how much more open it will feel!! I'm so excited!!! 

Ok, so here's where I need your help. I want input about design ideas. I love so many different styles, feels, etc that I am OVERWHELMED by all the options. So, either comment below or, most of you know me personally :-), so send me a message and let me know your thoughts! Seriously, want opinions people!!!

Oh, and I threw in some pics of Matthew and I as well. :-)

Promise, cabinets were old and hideous :-)

Wall with fridge coming down

So much pretty light :-)

Crazy that is the same kitchen, huh?
This is the wall with the fridge, looking in from the den area. Imagine a big island!
Bye-bye walls and old insulation!
So much fun with this man :-)

Option 3 (different view)
Option 4

None of the above options are in any particular order and I'm not sharing which is mine and Matthew's current "favorite" but would love to know your thoughts about all of them! 

Thanks friends! 


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  1. I'm HORRIBLE at making decisions, so I shouldn't comment, but I LOVE the backsplash in option 5, LOVE the wood island in 1 and LOVE the grantite-ish island in 3 w/ the 4 lights hanging down. Seriously, you'd be happy w/ any ONE of them!