Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Something to post on your bathroom mirror ladies!

I'm on a roll today coming across all kinds of great inspiring things. Even more goodness for your soul ladies!



Encouragement and Inspiration...

Again I was inspired by Ann Voskamp and had to share. Follow the link below for some heart warming and inspiring thoughts about love.

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

~Jeremiah 29:13

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The move is on... :-)

July 22nd, 2012....the first night we spent in our house!! 

That's right, we finally moved, yay! We aren't completely done with the renovation but enough that we could move in. I'm piled high in boxes so not much explaining, but I'll share some pics. 

Can't wait until everything is complete and "organized" (as if that will ever happen!) We've still got a long way to go but we're in! Thankful sums it all up. 

Sad story about this beautiful piece of granite :( but all is good. I'll explain later...

LOVE my kitchen :-) The backsplash is actually grey, not green like it looks here

Yep, chaos. That was our bed for one night. Ry loved it, haha

New front door!
Love to all!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Renovation almost complete!!!

Hi Friends!!

I'm not going to say a lot in this post because the pics say it all :-)
We're so close and I couldn't be more excited (and impatient!)
Can't wait to post more in the coming weeks!!
We are so blessed!

Love to all!

Master shower

Master shower again (Ry loved messing with the tile)

New stairs (and floors)

New stairs

Living Room 

Dinning Room

Family room/kitchen before.....


Standing in kitchen looking out into family room

Old sunroom, now family area

Master Bedroom

Before #2.....
After!!!!! Our new playroom (or media room)

After #2!!!!

Other upstairs bedroom

Upstairs bath

Upstairs bath #2

Ry's room before.....
After!!!! :-)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Loud places to sleep, new friends and big animals!!

Hi Everyone!

The Bessom clan has had quite an eventful month of May. We went away for several weekends, packed up our first ever home (sad), moved into a rental home (hopefully for only 1 month), Ry started her new "school" and we've been to the zoo 3 times.

One of our trips was to Grove Park Inn in Asheville for Mother's Day. It was wonderful! We all (our family and my brother, sister-in-law (who is expected grand baby #2 in Dec, yay!) all surprised my mom. We had such a great time! Here are some family shots :-)

Family Pic :-)

Haha. That last one is simply a perk of our rental house. We are minutes (literally, walking distance) from downtown Greenville, thus we are taking advantage of certain things. We had yet to take Ry therefore we made a trip and she loved it!!!! I'm pretty sure her favorite animal is the elephant. It's the first exhibit you come to at our zoo and she immediately waves her arm up like a trunk and makes a funny sounding elephant (I assume) noise. It is precious! Matthew and I decided to buy family passes given that we live so close. Well, now we've been back twice and Ry seems to love it even more.

LOVES the elephants!

The house is coming along nicely. I don't have any updated pictures but hopefully will have some soon. I hope to have painted walls, floor and tile in over the next couple of weeks :-) Any ways, it seem slow at this point but I think that's normal given all the details that have to happen, etc. I am so thrilled we are getting close!!! Maybe in the next 3-4weeks we'll actually move in!!

We left our first house as a family. This was actually more sad than I had anticipated. I mean, what memories!!! Starting residency there, our first house together, and Ryan coming into this world. There were a few tears but ultimately I am so excited about the plans ahead that I didn't dwell long :-)
59 Sweet Shade Way
Our first home!

Us in our first house just prior to moving in!
I had to include a baby pic of Ry?!?
Now, the rental. Man, what a blessing. However, it is LOUD. Well, the road it is on is loud and I can't seem to sleep :-) Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Haha. It's only temporary!

Ry in her "temporary room" at our rental on Arlington Ave!

Probably the most difficult part of May was Ry starting her new "school". For those who don't know (although I'm sure most of you do), since Ry was 6 weeks old she has been with a nanny, "Gigi", while Matthew and I work. To say she was a God-send would be an understatement. She was (still is and always will be) family. She helped me raise Ryan and I will be forever grateful and SO SO thankful God placed her in our life. This most definitely is not the end of our relationship with Gig, but still the change was hard. More on mom because I love her like my own.  She also left behind one of her BFF's, Chase. Chase has also been a daily part of Ryan's life since she was born and he (along with his sweet parents) are so dear to us. Ryan still asks about him every day :-) many playmates are in our future Melanie!!
Such buddies!
Ry and Chase

The transition for Ry was also difficult but only for the first few days. She would cry when we dropped her off but quickly stopped and had fun playing. She now runs through the doors :-)

First day at my new school!

Eating lunch with my new friends!

Whew, I think that's enough :-) I really wish my life would slow down....I don't see that happening for a while.

I just love this pic so I had to include it :-) Memorial Day

Love to all!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

We have walls!!!

Let me just say that A LOT has happened at the house since I last posted.

Window casings

But the one that means oh so much to me....


That's right, sheetrock went up and we actually have walls.

I was actually out of town when it happened (frustrating, right?) but oh so glorious when I returned.

:-) Blessed, blessed and blessed!

And...... My sink arrived!

Tile is picked out, trim...done (well picked out but not in place),  flooring (pretty much) picked out, paint (pretty much) picked out, doors and hardware done!! (well, pretty much)....

Next, lighting. Man. So many decisions!

Lovin every minute (or at least the thought that it will one day be done and we'll be living there as a family).

Here are some new pics...

Love to all!!!


Friday, April 6, 2012

God's Tears

Ive quoted Ann Voskamp many times and alas, I am quoting her again. She always seems to hit exactly what I'm feeling so perfectly! I've been pondering and drinking in Good Friday because it is such an amazing and overwhelming day. This is the day all the bad, which is a lot, in me is forever taken away. The price has been paid and I can rest assured that I have an eternity of wonderfulness waiting for me. WAITING FOR ME!!!

Sounds wonderful, right? It is. But the price that had to be paid for this to be my reality, was not wonderful. It was a gruesome, cruel and horrifying cross. Blood, sweat, tears, anguish...all cast upon the God of creation, who was perfect in every way and never had to endure any of it. But He did it any ways. All because he loved me, and you. Whoa. That is heavy indeed.

So why do I often not have peace? Look at what I just typed up there?!?! For heavens sake, how much more wonderful and reassuring can it get?? There is one line in Ann's recent post (about palm sunday actually) that grabbed me.

"God cries because his people cry for things that won't bring them peace."

Seriously!!!!! So me. I spending so much time crying or fretting or worrying over things that are insignificant, and in the grand scheme of things, lame. How, why is that possible when I just typed the most beautiful reassurance of eternal peace!? I don't have all those answers. But I do know that one day, I will be lame no longer. Because of the sacrifice He made on a Friday a long time ago, eternal peace is real for me...and you!! 

All is Grace...His Alone!!


I've attached the link to Ann's website again, incase you wanted to head over and be utterly inspired (and humbled :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Crazy Girl

So, aside from our recent trip to the Children's Museum, I realized I hadn't really blogged about the munckin in quite some time. GASP! What a terrible mother I am letting our new house and other ramblings out shine the most precious girl ever :-)

She has grown so so so much! She is now 19 months old and so full of life and energy. Literally, she changes and surprises me everyday. She is literally this "little lady". She has such an amazing personality. She loves to give kisses and hugs. She LOVES being outside!!! Seriously, she'd stay out there all day and night, cold or hot, wet or dry. She is very much into exploring anything and everything. She particularly loves opening and closing bottles. Putting things into other things, then taking them out again and seeing if they fit somewhere else. She loves her daily milk and cereal bars (I know, bad mom).

Her favorite words are mommy, daddy, NO, please (peeze) and thank you (na noo). She also LOVES any and every animal. Her favorite being a horse. I so love how she says "horse" too. It is so cute. I included a little video clip just so I would have it archived and never forget it, haha. Every time we drive by an open field while we are in the car, she yells "horse!!!" even if one isn't there.

She also loves to count. If she hears someone say "one", she follows with "two, three"!! Then laughs and waits for something big to happen, haha.

I so love this girl and cannot believe how fast she is growing up. She is such a blessing from the Lord!! Here are some pics and the video I mentioned.

Love to all!