Monday, May 7, 2012

We have walls!!!

Let me just say that A LOT has happened at the house since I last posted.

Window casings

But the one that means oh so much to me....


That's right, sheetrock went up and we actually have walls.

I was actually out of town when it happened (frustrating, right?) but oh so glorious when I returned.

:-) Blessed, blessed and blessed!

And...... My sink arrived!

Tile is picked out, trim...done (well picked out but not in place),  flooring (pretty much) picked out, paint (pretty much) picked out, doors and hardware done!! (well, pretty much)....

Next, lighting. Man. So many decisions!

Lovin every minute (or at least the thought that it will one day be done and we'll be living there as a family).

Here are some new pics...

Love to all!!!


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