Sunday, September 26, 2010

All Smiles

I haven't posted in a some time because I have been enjoying every minute of my little girl and my last full days at home. I start back work tomorrow and don't really know how I feel about it. Overall, I am sad...I am going to miss Ryan so very much. She is so much fun! She is smiling all of the time (I tried to upload a video of her smiling but it is currently too big...hopefully will be up on the blog soon). I also included some great smile pictures. I'm convinced she gets prettier everyday. I also completely understand the saying, "you fall more in love with them everyday." :-) I am so thankful we found a nanny whom we adore and trust. Going back to work is hard enough but knowing she is good hands helps tremendously.

Over the past 6 weeks God has also reminded me he created me for another purpose other than wife and mother, doctor. I do miss working and I truly love what I am learning to do. Now that I am a mother, it completely changes my heart as a pediatrician, I hope for the better. However, I am not excited about the year to come and how much it will take me away from Matthew and Ryan. Prayers are greatly appreciated tomorrow and for the months ahead!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peaceful sleep

Ryan's first peaceful nap after her birth

I just spent the last hour watching Ryan fight sleep. I mean really fight! She tossed and turned, spit out her pacifier, grunted and anything else but fall asleep. She would get distracted by a dark or bright object, stare at it for a while then begin fighting to keep her eyes open. She would then drift off for a few minutes and then suddenly jolt herself awake and become distracted again. Sometimes she would realize her her pacifier had fallen out and immediately begin screaming :-).

Finally, over an hour later, she is fast asleep :-) Now, she looks so peaceful, happy even. Even better for mom, after a good nap she wakes up the happiest baby! She stretches (often times for minutes on end :-), smiles and is wide awake ready for the next big adventure, which is usually bottle versus breastfeeding!

So, I'm going to ramble a little. You can stop reading here and simply enjoy all the beautiful peaceful pictures of my little one or indulge me :-) As I was watching Ryan fight sleep and then peacefully give into it, I thought about how I often do that with God. Think about it...all God wants is what is best for us. I mean really, he sent His Son to die for us so we had hope, eternal hope that is so much bigger than this world (often crappy world) we live in now. He tells us he has "plans to prosper, not give us hope and a future", but how often do I fight? I either ignore him (mostly because I am scared) or get distracted by something this world puts in front of me when I know only His plan can give me true peace and rest. God has such wonderful plans for all of us. Look at these precious could he create something so perfect and us think otherwise? I'm going to try and remember this truth more often. I'm glad I now have a reminder in my little girl. Hopefully I will not be afraid/ignore/get distracted from His plans for my life and the life of my family.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!

Grandma and Grandpa Mayes
Grandma and Grandpa Bessom

So, because I am a new mom, I had no idea today was Grandparents Day! I had to add a little thank you to Ryan's wonderful grandparents. We are so thankful for each one of you and are so excited for the many memories ahead!! Love you all!

Go Big Orange!

As promised, here some orange and white pictures. Clearly, Ryan looks great in orange :-). She is 4 wks old in these pictures and growing like a little weed. Even though the game didn't go so well for the Volunteers, we had a great time dressing Ryan up and looking forward to the time when she can go with us to cheer for the Vols. She was actually pumping her little arm during the game like a little cheerleader! Watch out Matthew, you little girl is going to break some hearts!

This weekend we had the pleasure of having the Bessom family come visit - grandmother, grandfather and uncle! We had a blast. We relaxed, enjoyed great food (thank you Kathy!) and fellowship with one another. Ryan loved being held and spoiled by everyone. In fact, she was so sad to see them leave she decided to go into a deep state of sleep while in her swing (Again, thank you grandma and grandpa for the swing! She loves it!). Looking forward to another visit soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday afternoon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here we go....

4 wks old

I will be the first to admit how terrible I will probably be at keeping this blog updated (especially after I return to work) but I want to try. Therefore, here we go...

I decided to start a blog after the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Ryan. We currently live some distance from all of our family (other than the wonderful family members we have gained through friendship here in Greenville) and I wanted some way to document and share all the wonderful ways Ryan blesses our life. And boy does she ever! In the short month of her life she has already brought so many smiles, laughs and a joy that only other mothers, and fathers understand. The title of my blog sums up how I feel during this stage of my life....SO UNBELIEVABLY BLESSED! I have... a hope in someone and something bigger than this present life; a husband who is quite possibly the greatest man I know; family and friends that are loving, supportive and truly incredible; and now, a daughter who is so fearfully and wonderfully made that it blows my mind every time I look at her. I am also blessed to be developing a career as a pediatrician, which is something that takes a lot of my time but is a calling and something that grows and changes me everyday. You will probably see me blog (mostly about Ryan of course) but also about all of the things listed above because they are all so dear to my heart and make me, me.

So, I quite possibly had the greatest labor and delivery experience a woman could as for (thank you Lord for that blessing). However, I will admit the first few weeks postpartum were quite overwhelming - an emotional roller coaster, diminished amount of sleep and the overwhelming responsibility you begin to understand in the days after you bring a newborn home. Not to mention all of the physical changes your body goes through after delivering a baby. However, 1 month after Ryan's birth I am more in love than I ever dreamed possible and somehow all of those things seem so small and insignificant. want to share her with all who love and cherish her as much as her father and I do.

Today is Ryan's 1 month birthday :-) yes, we are celebrating! We started introducing "tummy time" into our daily routine and her first real length of tummy time happened today. She was so funny! She's quite a strong girl (as you can see above) especially to be so small :-) She is already somewhat of a diva and after several minutes protested to all around her that she was not happy with this new position, haha! When I look at the picture above, I cannot believe how big she seems!! They really do change and grow before your eyes. She is now more alert, looking around, holding her head up some and so doing so much more. I cannot imagine what the months and years ahead will be like but am looking forward to every second!

To grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and everyone else... I hope this helps to document the joy Ryan brings to our life and helps everyone feel like they are here sharing in the moments with us!

P.S. GO VOLS!! (Pics of Ryan in orange and white...and quite possibly with a UT pacifier will be posted later....)