Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All is Grace

I was inspired by this and simply wanted to share. You can listen here,
http://www.aholyexperience.com/ (which I 100% recommend) or simply read the lyrics below.

All is grace...

All is Grace excerpted lyrics from the album, Third World Symphony.

By Shaun Groves

You have loved us
You have loved us all
You have loved us all so
We love all ….

Thank you for Christ and cross
Through us tell the wand’ring
Thank you for making peace
Through us love our enemies …..

Thank you for daily bread
Through us fill the empty
Thank you for bodies whole
Through us mend the breaking

All is grace
All is grace
All is grace and grace enough
All is grace
All is grace
All is grace and grace enough
For all of us
- For all of us

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Half Way

Have you ever been in a place where you are just half way going through life? You almost feel numb because you are just trying to get through the day. This kinda sums up the way I've felt recently...until the last few days. As many of you are aware, I'm a somewhat busy girl :-) I'm a wife to an amazing man and a mother to one of the most unbelievable 1yr old's I have ever known (no bias of course).

One the side, I'm a 3rd year pediatric resident (i.e. a physician who is finishing training). Not mention all of our wonderful friends, small group, supper club, bible studies, etc. Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE all of those things. They are what keeps me moving and smiling.

However, for the past few months I've felt like I'm half-you-know-what'ing every single one of the things above, especially to Matthew, Ryan and my career. I felt so pulled in all directions and wasn't investing entirely to any of them. (that was a hard sentence to write). I struggle with working enough and too much, being home with my family, being a mother, a cook, an organizer, etc. I struggle with feeling called to medicine but not knowing quite which avenue yet (and figuring out how to do all of the above things the way God would have as well).

All you working moms can surely relate. But this was deeper than the everyday struggle I had grown to know and deal with. You see, usually when I'm feeling down about one area something happens in another and it all balances out :-). But this nagging or lack-there-of, however you wish to view it was different. Something big had been missing. Then one day it hit me, smack in the face. God's Grace and unrelenting love for me. It was like He all of a sudden said, "no more". You are mine and I want more time with you. I had become way to slack with the one thing in the world that was more important than all of the things I mentioned above. And now I have this crazy desire to spend time with Him, sing to Him, thank Him, on-and-on-and-on!

Now, I am in no way pretending I'm now perfect, but God is doing some crazy things in my heart. The old me would be barreling through wanting to know the end. However, this time, I'm trying to enjoy the ride to wherever He is taking me. I'm still struggling but things seem more....full.

That my friends is God's amazing grace! I am so thankful I serve a God and Lord who will relentlessly pursue and love me, regardless of how far I away I drift. More updates to come and He continues to change my heart!

I thought this pic summed up how I feel...excited and stoked about the waves ahead! :-)

Love to all!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ry's First Birthday Party

What a wonderful day! I think this is one of those experiences every parent holds onto and ours was very memorable! We are so blessed with such amazing family and friends. There were over 20 people at Ry's party. We had it at my grandparents dairy farm in Johnson City, TN (pics of house is below). Of course, Ryan was amazing. She hadn't napped or eaten well all day but loved every second. The cake was probably her favorite part. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. It truly has been the most amazing year of my life!!

Good morning!! I'm ready for my party!!!

Digging in!!


These are Ry's great grandparents and their gift to her, her first red wagon!
The farm has been in our family for some time and they will be moving in about 4 weeks. Bittersweet and so thankful we were able to celebrate and capture some memories there!

Opening presents!

Sunglasses from Aunt Lisa! So stylish!!

My new table and chairs from my Grandmother and Grandpa Bessom

Rocking horse and chair from Mamaw and Papaw Mayes
(These were mine as a little girl that they had refinished :-)

My favorite thing to do....Climb stairs :-)

Making my grand entrance!! All smiles and ready to party!!

Farm House
(I am going to miss this place! So many memories)

Ry's smash cake
She destroyed it!

Love to all!!