Sunday, September 26, 2010

All Smiles

I haven't posted in a some time because I have been enjoying every minute of my little girl and my last full days at home. I start back work tomorrow and don't really know how I feel about it. Overall, I am sad...I am going to miss Ryan so very much. She is so much fun! She is smiling all of the time (I tried to upload a video of her smiling but it is currently too big...hopefully will be up on the blog soon). I also included some great smile pictures. I'm convinced she gets prettier everyday. I also completely understand the saying, "you fall more in love with them everyday." :-) I am so thankful we found a nanny whom we adore and trust. Going back to work is hard enough but knowing she is good hands helps tremendously.

Over the past 6 weeks God has also reminded me he created me for another purpose other than wife and mother, doctor. I do miss working and I truly love what I am learning to do. Now that I am a mother, it completely changes my heart as a pediatrician, I hope for the better. However, I am not excited about the year to come and how much it will take me away from Matthew and Ryan. Prayers are greatly appreciated tomorrow and for the months ahead!

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