Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Big Orange!

As promised, here some orange and white pictures. Clearly, Ryan looks great in orange :-). She is 4 wks old in these pictures and growing like a little weed. Even though the game didn't go so well for the Volunteers, we had a great time dressing Ryan up and looking forward to the time when she can go with us to cheer for the Vols. She was actually pumping her little arm during the game like a little cheerleader! Watch out Matthew, you little girl is going to break some hearts!

This weekend we had the pleasure of having the Bessom family come visit - grandmother, grandfather and uncle! We had a blast. We relaxed, enjoyed great food (thank you Kathy!) and fellowship with one another. Ryan loved being held and spoiled by everyone. In fact, she was so sad to see them leave she decided to go into a deep state of sleep while in her swing (Again, thank you grandma and grandpa for the swing! She loves it!). Looking forward to another visit soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday afternoon!

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  1. Ryan looks amazing in orange and white! We miss and love you all very much!

    Uncle Brett and Aunt Casey