Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Crazy Girl

So, aside from our recent trip to the Children's Museum, I realized I hadn't really blogged about the munckin in quite some time. GASP! What a terrible mother I am letting our new house and other ramblings out shine the most precious girl ever :-)

She has grown so so so much! She is now 19 months old and so full of life and energy. Literally, she changes and surprises me everyday. She is literally this "little lady". She has such an amazing personality. She loves to give kisses and hugs. She LOVES being outside!!! Seriously, she'd stay out there all day and night, cold or hot, wet or dry. She is very much into exploring anything and everything. She particularly loves opening and closing bottles. Putting things into other things, then taking them out again and seeing if they fit somewhere else. She loves her daily milk and cereal bars (I know, bad mom).

Her favorite words are mommy, daddy, NO, please (peeze) and thank you (na noo). She also LOVES any and every animal. Her favorite being a horse. I so love how she says "horse" too. It is so cute. I included a little video clip just so I would have it archived and never forget it, haha. Every time we drive by an open field while we are in the car, she yells "horse!!!" even if one isn't there.

She also loves to count. If she hears someone say "one", she follows with "two, three"!! Then laughs and waits for something big to happen, haha.

I so love this girl and cannot believe how fast she is growing up. She is such a blessing from the Lord!! Here are some pics and the video I mentioned.

Love to all!


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