Saturday, June 30, 2012

Renovation almost complete!!!

Hi Friends!!

I'm not going to say a lot in this post because the pics say it all :-)
We're so close and I couldn't be more excited (and impatient!)
Can't wait to post more in the coming weeks!!
We are so blessed!

Love to all!

Master shower

Master shower again (Ry loved messing with the tile)

New stairs (and floors)

New stairs

Living Room 

Dinning Room

Family room/kitchen before.....


Standing in kitchen looking out into family room

Old sunroom, now family area

Master Bedroom

Before #2.....
After!!!!! Our new playroom (or media room)

After #2!!!!

Other upstairs bedroom

Upstairs bath

Upstairs bath #2

Ry's room before.....
After!!!! :-)

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  1. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I just don't have the vision like you. I would've NEVER seen all those things and walls to take down like you did. My favorite are the bay-like windows in the dining room and master bedroom. SO PRETTY!!! You better keep the pics coming. Especially after everything is in!