Monday, February 20, 2012

Renovation Take 2

Things have been progressing nicely at the house. It's amazing how much goes into renovating a 50+ year old house when you want to take down walls, create new rooms and essentially an entire new floor :-)

Walls are down on the main floor and the roof is almost ready to come off on the second floor to "create" our second level. Matthew and I spent some of our weekend picking out appliances. Let me just tell you, they ain't cheap people!!!! As if anything in this project is but geeze, they can be expensive. However, thanks to my savvy hubby who loves to find deals online we were able to save some money and come in just at (ok, a tad over) budget ;-) yay us!!

At church this past Sunday our pastor spoke on Deuteronomy 6, specifically verses 4-9. I so encourage you to read it!!

I was so inspired and encourage by this passage, particularly as we move our family and, God willing, grow our family in this new home. I so plan on writing this verse on the doorposts of our new home :-) I pray, with all my heart and soul and might that we always love Him first and foremost, teach and impress this on our children, and make this verse the mainstay of our home.

Will you do the same with me for that precious family of yours?

Love to all! All is Grace!!


P.S. Here are some updated reno pics :-) Enjoy!!

Remember this pic? Looking from family into new kitchen. 3 of those walls you see (straight ahead, far left and left corner) all came down!

Here it is all opened up!!! (No, under the stairs will not be open to basement all the time :-)

Better view looking from hall entry way. Kitchen all the way in the back, looking directly at family room

Looking the opposite direction, now you are standing in the kitchen looking out

So glad we are opening up the staircase! The one below leads to our full basement :-)

I know it is hard to see now, but this will be a half bath

This is a portion of the upstairs that will eventually be a study/bedroom....Give me a few months, you'll see!

Ry's future bedroom (or a full playroom - I'm still debating that one)

Ry and I in the new upstairs

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