Tuesday, November 29, 2011

15 Months and Breath-Holding :-)

Well, we finally had an eventful well child check folks. That's right, Ry was a little stinker :-) Yesterday we went for Ryan's 15mos well child visit. She weighs 22lbs and is 31inches tall (both around the 60%). Everything checked out great, which is awesome! Then, shot time.

She needed 3 immunizations. Normally, she cries and then gets over it pretty quickly. Not this time. She cried and then decided not breathing was a good idea. DEFINITELY, not a good idea :-) She breath-held for so long she transiently altered oxygen delivery to her brain and it kinda looked like she had a seizure. Yep, freaky.

Now, I've heard of this and seen some breath holding spells that are pretty impressive but it is a completely different thing when it is Ryan. And, I had never seen one that resembled seizure activity. Haha! Thankfully the nurse and everyone were very calm, Ryan calmed down and was promptly back to her bubbly self :-)

Pretty sure mom only wants that to be a one time occurance. I thought Matthew was going to pass out, haha! Overall, it was a great visit. I am so thankful for a beautiful and healthy baby girl! (wow, she really isnt a baby any more)

Love to all!!!

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