Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great Weekend

I just finished a difficult month (well, 2 difficult weeks) and was so thankful to be home with Matthew and Ryan for the last 48hrs. Yesterday we spent the afternoon with some of our BEST friends, the Gambrells. We visited their parent's pool. It was so much fun! We just love being with them. They have a son, Truitt, who is about 7months younger than Ryan. He is so precious!

We have been to the pool twice. The first time was about a month ago. It was Ry's first trip to a pool and the water was a little chilly :-). She cried most of the time she was in the water, haha! This time, she hadn't had a nap....AT ALL! She fell asleep on our way there and woke up as we pulled in the driveway (about 20mins total). She was EXHAUSTED! She loved the water (warm) but then after about 10mins realized how tired she was and fussed the rest of the time. Our friends are so sweet, they didn't even say a thing!

Today, we went to church then shopping for Ry's first birthday. SO MUCH FUN!!! I can't believe she will turn one in less than 2 weeks.

This weekend I realized how thankful I am for family and friends. I have an amazing husband and daughter. I also have wonderful friends who I love spending/experiencing life with. God has been way too good to me!

Blessings to all as you start the week! I pray you all feel His presence and experience His unending love!!


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