Saturday, January 29, 2011

Growing up so fast!

Over the last 2-3 weeks, Ryan has grown and changed so much! It is so exciting, yet somewhat sad too :-)

She is starting to sit on her own and is doing great! She's a little wobbly but overall is staying upright.

She has also started the wonders of baby food. We've been giving her rice cereal for several weeks, but this morning she tried her first real food....Avocado. That's right, avocado! She loved it!!! I've been doing a lot of research about good, healthy first foods and turns out avocado is a good choice. Well, Ryan agreed! haha.

She has also started saying "dada dada" like nobody's business :-) It is all we hear all of the time. Matthew is loving it! She has also become much more interested in Jack and Gracie. Jack isn't so sure about her but Gracie hangs pretty close to her, especially if she is on the floor (as you'll see in the pictures). Hope you enjoy these pics of her new milestones!

I also included the link to our recent photo session with Susan Brewer. Click on clients and enter password: bethany0322

Love to all!!

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