Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh what a wonderful weekend!

I could not have imagined a more perfect weekend! Matthew was suppose to be gone until Saturday evening at a conference for work but surprised us by coming home a day early!! Friday night we ate dinner, watched some TV and played with Ry until she was fast asleep. Ryan then slept 9 1/2 hours, that's right, 9 1/2 hrs!!

e slept in, then cuddled with Ry in our bed after she finally woke up
, watched some more TV while eating breakfast together. We then headed out for a day of fun. We ran errands, went to the mall (to exchange a pair of boots Matthew surprised me with on Friday, forgot to mention that!), ate dinner at Chipotle and then headed home for some more family time. We laughed and relaxed. Ryan smiled at her daddy all day long on Saturday. She couldn't get enough of him and is definitely becoming his little princess :-)

Today we got up (a little earlier this time :-) and went to church. It was so great to be at worship and to fellowship with our C4 class. They are such a wonderful group of people and we are so thankful for all of them! It truly is a class that pushes us, encourages us and strengthens our walk with the Lord. We then got things squared away for Ryan's baby dedication coming up on Oct. 31st, hung Ryan's newborn pictures in her nursery, and just enjoyed being together.

God was truly merciful and gracious to give us this weekend together as a family because Matthew and I both start pretty difficult, mostly time consuming, rotations tomorrow. For all of you who believe in prayer, the next 4 weeks the Bessom clan could really use them! I'm going to miss my baby girl so much but know she is in good hands while I am away. I probably will not blog a lot over the next few weeks as every free moment I have will be spent with Ryan and Matthew, but hopefully a few short words and pics here and there! Here are just a few pics from our great weekend :-)

Hope everyone is well! Much love!

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